Why you need land surveying
Why you need a land survey

Land surveying is a must

Husband: Darling, I just bought the land he said proudly.

Wife: threw her bag on the ground and hugged her sweet husband. she said thank you so much and God bless you repeatedly while kissing her husband’s face.

Then she said, ” We need to call a land surveyor to come to check out the land so we can know what next to do.

Husband: No baby, we got the land, that’s all we need.

Wife: No darling we should contact a land surveyor. It will help us plan how to buil…..

Husband: Woman, enough. ..Building starts next months without the land surveyor.


Why you need a land surveyor

Fast forward 3 years later, after the completion.

Wife hurriedly calls her husband at work, Phone rings hello darling. Please come home immediately.

I can’t talk right now. I’m scared!!! The house is collapsing.

You heard right, the house is collapsing because it was built on a swampy area.

We hear things like this and we get to blame the government for our own carelessness. These are made disasters and they can be averted.

We will be sharing with you why you need land surveying.

Let’s start by defining what land surveying is.

Land Survey plays an integral role in land development, from the planning and design of land subdivisions through to the final construction of roads, utilities and landscaping.

Surveyors are the first people on any construction site, measuring and mapping the land.

These primary measurements are then used by architects to understand and make the most of the unique landscape.

when designing and engineers to plan structures accurately and safely, ensuring buildings not only fit with the landscape but are able to be constructed.

  • You should have your land surveyed:
  • Before you purchase it. This will disclose the relationship between the lines of possession and the deeded property lines.
  •  A lending institution may require either a Land Survey Plat or an Improvement Location Certificate of your property when you borrow money on it.
  •  Whenever you believe there may be a conflict of use on your property.
  • Prior to dividing any parcel of land for sale.
  • The county or city that your property is located in may require a Land Survey prior to the construction of any structure or improvement on the property.
  • When you intend to sell any tract of land.
  • When your lawyer, architect, real estate agent or municipal planning or engineering office advises or requires it.

These are only a few reasons why you need a land survey.

Do the needful now so as to avoid great damages in the future.




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